My new InDesign CS 5.5 ePub Videos are up!

A couple weeks ago I had a video crew hanging out in my office shooting a couple segments for AdobeTV. Well, the videos are now complete and posted.

It looks like they’ve posted five of my new segments on new features for ePub using InDesign CS 5.5 — I’m pretty happy with them, I hope you enjoy them.

Here are the links:


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I'm a techy, design, photo-guy living in Seattle. I am the Worldwide Digital Publishing Evangelist for Adobe, this means I use the creative software and talk about the tools and workflows for the Digital Publishing Suite and ePUB. I like to ride my Ural sidecar rig and hang out with Wendy as much as possible.
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10 Responses to My new InDesign CS 5.5 ePub Videos are up!

  1. Jamie Ragen says:

    Great movies thanks very much.

  2. Steve Laskevitch says:

    That handsome devil makes it look so easy! Thanks so much…I’ll let folks know these are posted!

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  4. Claudio Marconato says:

    What a beautiful office in Seattle!

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  6. Nancy Dickinson says:

    Wishing someone would make a video or “how-to” page about how to anchor objects. For two days, I’ve been trying to convert a magazine cover to ePub format and every time, it comes out as the image on one page, the text on the next page.

    The best I can figure out is – anchor the objects. To what? How do I assure the text from the cover stays ON the image for the magazine cover? I’m about to pull my hair out… I bought InDesign for dummies this weekend and I must be dumber than I thought because I still can’t make heads or tails of it…

    Nice videos, too. I watched them all…

    • grayfive says:

      Hey Nancy!

      Don’t pull your hair out over this!

      I think there are two things to clear up on this: anchored objects and covers.

      Anchored objects are how you control where graphics or content sits with respect to reflowing, text content. As the surrounding text reflows the anchored content will move too.

      A cover is likely different, you probably want to combine text and graphics in a much more controlled and static way that does not change. My approach is to making a cover using CS5.5: create your design using text and graphics; select all the elements and group the; add the group to the article panel; with the group selected, choose Object> Object Export Options, and set the group to rasterize. — now your cover design will be “static.”

      Hope that helps!

  7. Jan says:

    Hi. Great tutorials! I would like to put an audio file on å page an play it by the click of a button on the same page. I can not find out how to do that. Appreciate any advice.

    • grayfive says:

      Hey Jan;

      The DPS tools released in January added two new actions for buttons, one is to control a sound. So with that update you should be able to place an mp3 file on your page (it may be invisible, but I make sure it touches the page) and then build a button. In the Button panel, you can add an Action (plus sign) and choose Sound from the menu. Once you do this, you’ll be able to control which sound and whether the button will play, pause, stop, or resume.
      Give it a shot, I hope this helps.


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