New Year, new approach

Last week I spent four days in Orlando, FL at the TAP!2013 Conference. (#TAP2013) This conference was different than most conferences where I speak. Instead of the design-centric crowd I’m accustomed to, I experienced a broader audience interested in a broad interpretation of the “self publishing” idea. Plenty of photographers, but also business folks, and those with the desire to get their message out, in a variety of formats.

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Four New Videos: DPS update May 2012

Friday saw four new videos uploaded to YouTube that talk about new features in the May 2012 updates for Digital Publishing Suite. Here are the links:

New Features: Design

New Features: Folio Producer

New Features: Viewer Builder

New Features: Sharing

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New DPS Video up: Preview on Android

I posted a new YouTube video covering device preview on Android tablets today: DPS: Preview on Android. The video shows that you can push a folio preview from InDesign’s Folio Builder panel to an Android tablet via USB connection. This is great since it’s a much faster, local solution for previewing content.  Continue reading

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New DPS Video: Working Offline

Adobe updated the digital publishing tools the week of 3 October, one of the new features is working offline. This is a great update! The video outlines how to do this and why you might choose to. Watch the video.

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New DPS Video up: Scrolling Content

Recent updates to the Digital Publishing Suite tools and system make it much easier to create scrolling content. You might want to do this so that your readers can peacefully scroll through material in a page without changing pages. This might be a great way to let your readers move through the instructions for a recipe while not leaving the page that shows the ingredients.

The process is really easy now. A simple Paste Into command will insert your content into another frame, then you set this container frame to Pan Only in the Overlay Creator panel. That’s it!

Checkout the Scrolling Content video that shows the technique!

Take a moment and ponder the old method:
Build two layers, one must be named “Scrollable Content”, then put the right thing in the right layer (content and container), and then name both things with the same name! Ugh—this was not an easy task!

The new method is much easier, and you now can have some aspects of interactivity inside the scrolling content. For the moment, hyperlinks and buttons will work.

This is a great improvement on the process, and much more natural for an InDesign user.


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Adobe Viewer Builder updated: Newsstand support

On Monday 10 October, Adobe updated the Viewer Builder app used in the Digital Publishing Suite workflow for Pro and Enterprise subscribers. The notable aspect of the update is that Viewers with iTunes Subscriptions can now also take advantage of Apple’s Newsstand feature on iPad.

The critical aspect of a Newsstand app is that this content will appear in a somewhat exclusive location. Instead of having a custom app fighting for attention with every other app in the App Store, your Newsstand content will appear in a bookcase or equivalent with only other periodic content. Your magazine or publication will exist with its brethren, isolated from too many apps for taking pictures, finding baby names, or other dissimilar apps. As a publisher, this is great!

The new Viewer Builder 1.5.1 supports Newsstand classifications for “Magazine” and “Newspaper,” offers a choice of a “binding” edge to control where update notifications appear, and you can supply a default cover graphic. Any Pro or Enterprise publisher wanting to use Newsstand will need to rebuild their app using Viewer Builder 1.5.1 and resubmit the updated app to the App Store. I’ve posted a YouTube video showing the new feature, find it at:
Digital Publishing Suite: Newsstand for iOS5

As a reader, apparently it’s recommended that, for the best experience, you should update to iOS5 before updating your publication apps to the Newsstand version. Doing the updates in this order will apparently streamline your experience and help transition the content you already have more smoothly. If you update in a different order, you may face having to re-download content if you update your iOS after updating your readers.


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First Kickstarter pay off: Jot Pro

The tip of the Jot Pro is a ball and socket.

The ball and socket gives me a sense of precision.

I’ve mentioned before that I have a strange fascination with and a number of projects there. Over the last 5 months I’ve helped to sponsor about ten, and finally got my first benefit. An Adonit Jot Pro stylus. The project closed in mid–August, the shipped my stylus last week!

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A Sample of Iceland: Reykjavik

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Early in August I spent 10 glorious days at a photographic workshop in Iceland. Focus On Nature hosted the workshop. I had just about the most splendid time in years, bouncing around the south side of the country, and brought … Continue reading

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My New Bad Habit: Job Creation

Somehow it all started back this spring, I stumbled upon a site called with the most wonderous things. “Little” projects proposed by impassioned designers for really cool stuff. Now, I’m hooked. It’s becoming a habit. I may need some help.

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Outbound for Iceland!

In a couple hours I climb on a plane bound for Iceland. I’ll be spending about a week with Focus On Nature taking a photographic workshop with Seth Resnick. I’m rather excited about this and look forward to a rather glorious excursion.

The camera gear is packed, a couple new tools are going along. Software updated and I’ll profile my screen in the morning. A week of hardcore camera time and tons of Lightroom, geotagging, and looong days near the Arctic Circle! Yippeee!

Next stop: Reykjavik — looks like some nice weather too.

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